The following databases are maintained at IAA-ULB

  • Nuclear Database (BRUSLIB) - A collection of nuclear data (masses, fission barriers, E1 strength functions, nuclear level densities, partition functions, reaction rates) of interest for nuclear astrophysics, stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis
  • Nuclear Network Generator NetGen - A tool for generating nuclear-reaction rates on user-defined networks
  • NACRE II: An update of the Nuclear Astrophysics Compilation of Reaction Rates (NACRE) including the evaluation of 34 reactions on stable targets with mass numbers A<16
  • The Ninth Catalogue of Orbits of Spectroscopic Binaries (SB9)
  • The Henize sample of S stars
  • The radial-velocity monitoring of barium and S stars
  • Molecular linelist: Molecular linelists for stellar spectra
  • Stellar models: Pre-main-sequence and super-AGB phases

Databases not maintained at IAA-ULB: