Brussels Nuclear Data Library

  • BRUSLIB: The Brussels Nuclear Library for Astrophysics Applications, including for some 8508 nuclei with 8<= Z <= 110 nuclei between the proton and neutron drip lines, theoretically based
    • Ground State Properties (mass excesses, deformations, radii, single-particle level schemes, nuclear potentials, nuclear densities, ...)
    • Nuclear level densities
    • Partition functions
    • E1 strength functions
    • Fission paths and nuclear level densities at the saddle and isomeric deformations for 2000 Z >= 90 nuclei
    • Hauser-Feshbach reaction rates

* NETGEN: The Brussels nuclear NETwork GENerator, an interactive, web-based tool to help astrophysicists building up a nuclear reaction network as defined by each user. It generates tables of the necessary nuclear reaction rates on a temperature grid specified by the user, and provides the references of the sources of these rates.

* NACRE II: An update of the Nuclear Astrophysics Compilation of Reaction Rates (NACRE) including the evaluation of 15 charged-particle transfer reactions and 19 charged-particle radiative captures on stable targets with mass numbers A<16